How to Let Go of the Past to Free Your Future

Before any great football team plans their strategy for an upcoming big game, they review the events of past games. They decide what to continue, what to stop and what new plays can be implemented. They also assess their weaknesses so they can learn from them and move ahead. Like sports teams, you can assess your life to determine what is holding you back. What is blocking you from achieving your new goals and resolutions? Below are five life rules to consider before making New Year’s Resolutions:

Review It

In the game of life there is much to learn from the past. Take some time to review how your life played out over this past year—physically, emotionally, behaviorally and spiritually. The first step in moving forward is taking time to review losses and disappointments. Some losses you don’t want to even think about. You wish they would just go away. They won’t, and that’s OK. But it is important to consider what is keeping you stuck in a rut. It is healthy to think through, and perhaps grieve, pieces of your past that left you feeling defeated. Review those areas that have kept you on the sidelines of life. Then you will be able to get back in the “game!”

Acknowledge It

Acknowledge the cost of holding onto dead weight from your past. See how you have remained in a holding pattern of your own design. Admit that you have become too comfortable with being uncomfortable in your distress. Always being defensive weakens your ability to excel. Stop protecting your right to be a victim of circumstances. When you are ready, you can move forward and develop exciting new resolutions for your future. But you cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

Change It

Face it: there is no magic wand to change the past or to change other people. After reflecting on the past and acknowledging the things onto which you’re still holding, realize your only opportunity is now. And this is good news! Your future will be determined by what you do today. You can carry out your priorities, your passions and your goals, one at a time. Change you: your attitude and your personal responsibility. There is power in ownership of your choices!

Punt It

Free yourself from the burden of previous unattained goals. Keeping the past in the past frees your heart, your mind and your emotions to achieve even greater goals. Your life is more than a scrimmage. You can bring your relationships back from the backfield, if you let go and punt your past.

Charge It

Charge into your new year with a clean playing field! By reviewing your past performance, admitting what you’re unnecessarily protecting and gearing up for new life decisions, you are in the best position to win. A new season is right around the corner! Are you ready?

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