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Centerstone offers state-of-the-art mental health and addictions care. Our Florida facilities are headquartered in Bradenton in the greater Tampa Bay area. We provide inpatient and outpatient mental health and addictions treatment to more than 15,000 Floridians a year, including 4,200 children and teens. We also offer child welfare services focused on family safety and reunification or adoption. Our staff —of more than 450 doctors, nurses, counselors, case workers, leaders and support staff— serves one out of every thirty families in our community. 

We embrace the humanity of those in our care by offering warm hospitality and reassuring communication. We include loved ones in the healing process and uplift the human spirit through all faiths. Centerstone knows that our care allows families and individuals to continue careers, heal marriages, raise children, complete education, maintain health and succeed in life.

Centerstone is able to offer this extraordinary level of service to the Southeast region of the United States through grants from federal, state and local government as well as donations from foundations and individuals. Seventy percent of our inpatients rate Centerstone’s care as excellent which far exceeds average national customer service ratings for other hospitals (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems—HCAPS).  We achieve these cost efficiencies and high customer satisfaction reports through compassionate care, regional partnerships, disciplined business practices, high productivity and innovation.  Centerstone has a statewide and national reputation for state-of-the art care.

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